Key concepts

Laboratori d’Anàlisi Dr. Borrell SL understands that contaminants are substrates that need to be transformed. They can be transformed as byproducts or to inert substances.

Thus, our studies include the intrinsic mechanisms (microbiological systems, chemical reactions and physical phenomena) which are responsible of the degradation of chemical compounds in wastewater and sewage sludge. Consequently, this point of view has the following advantages:

  1. Permits the design and development of treatment plants through the kinetic and stoichiometric data, which are specific of each waste water type.
  2. Permits the optimization of treatment plants – biological, physical and/or chemical – and improve the rates of conventional systems.
  3. Easy application of mathematical models.
  4. The knowledge of the dumping permit initialize the systems and maintain subsequent controls of the WWTP. Moreover, it permits the WWTP control staff formation.


 Our waste water treatment studies join the experimental determination and the mathematical modeling of the process.