Our work

Experience since 1986

  • Study of wastewater treatments
  • Study of organic solids dumping treatment
  • Control of water for human consumption, sanitary, irrigation


  • Our team is formed by doctors and graduates, specialists in wastewater, who are the consultants in wastewater treatments and direct the research projects

Wastewater: The experience is everything

  • Many successful cases behind us
  • We solve complex problems in wastewater treatments of a large spectrum of industries

Drinking, sanitary and bathing waters

  • Periodic controls:
    • Drinking and well waters RD 140/2003
    • Bath waters RD 742/2013
    • Sanitary waters (legionella control) RD 865/2003

R&D: New systems design

  • Recovery or adaptation of obsolete or poorly-designed installations
  • Improvement and optimization of wastewater treatment plants
  • Reduction of contamination in origin
  • Kinetic and stoichiometric studies of bacterial processes through pilot plants (laboratory and semi-industrial)
  • Kinetic and stoichiometric studies of bacterial processes on substrates (wastes) produced for the industrial activity
  • Biological treatment in plant of products that can present toxicity for the bacterial growth
  • Transformation of physical-chemical processes to biological processes
  • Elimination of substrate in processes with high ammonium concentration
  • Optimization of anaerobic systems
  • Potentiation of processes through pure oxygen technology
  • Biological treatments for difficult dumpings
  • Study, modelization, and initialization of ATAD (autoheated thermophilic aerobic digestion)