Industrial Sectors

Laboratori d’anàlisi Dr. Borrell S.L. works in the following industrial areas:

Extraction of metal ores

  • Manufacture of coke

Textile industry

Leather Tanning Industry

Chemical and petroleum and coal derived industry

  • Oil Refineries
  • Basic chemical industry
  • Fine chemical industry

Industries producing cellulose for textile and chemical fiber use

Paper industry and transformation of paper and cardboard

  • Manufacture of paper pulp
  • Manufacture of paper and cardboard


  • Pig farms
  • Chickens farms


Industries of mineral water and soft drinks

Sweets manufacturing industries

Food preserving industry

  • Manufacture of juices and canned vegetables

Manufacturing industries of dairy products and cheeses

Vegetable oils and fats industries

Processing of alcoholic beverages distilled spirits industries

  • Cider industry
  • Wine industry
  • Beer and malt manufactures
  • Manufacture of ethyl alcohol and distillates

Electronic components industry

Industries of recovery and/or waste treatment